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A heavenly haven today & Nettle Tea Recipe

Hi All Nettle tea is so good for you see recipe below... put the spring inside you.

So excited to be welcoming you today for our 3rd Full Moon session of the year.

We will be exploring celebration, growth and obstacles and of course Spring! Can't wait for us all to practice together today.  

Please bring an item for the centre that is about your growth right now.

Also a spring nature element if you have something.

A notebook might be good

and a blanket or anything else you might like to support you during our sesson

We will be creating a heavenly haven inside you, moving, breathing, resting, chatting, being silent, whatever you need.

I am making nettle tea now for today, here is how to put spring inside.

You will need rubber gloves, scissors and a bag. Go to the wilds (northern slopes is good), snip off the very new tips at the top of the plant (pre flowering) (away from areas where dogs pee)

Take home and wash throughly. Cut up and add to a saucepan with clean water, bring to boil and simmer for 2-3 mins then for tea after another 5 mins you can drink. For infusion leave in a sealed glass jar overnight then strain. Keep in the fridge and heat up a couple of cups a day will work wonders.

If you want to dry the nettles for the year, pat dry after washing and either leave in a place to dry naturally or put in a very low temp oven till totally dehydrated. chop up and stores and make tea or infusion throughout the year.

x N

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