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Blessed evening at Centre for Whole Health

Blessed evening together last night at Centre for Whole Health, Southville, women gathering, women sharing space, words, yoga and Nidra. We laughed, cried and had a powerful evening full of nourishment. Turning up is the hardest bit, the rest is easy, this space with you is a refuge and the place to evolve into the next phase of life... or simply get away and recharge.

We drank lime blossom tea to end, Tilia collected from the local park and a good ally for us women who do too much. Thank you for joining us.

Some feedback "I slept so much better last night, thank you so much for the yoga, tea and so many wise words that I will try to implement into my life", "I feel so much better, this really makes a huge difference", "I have never done yoga like that before, it was amazing"

Simply being in a circle with other women is a powerful healing space, add in all the ingredients and it is medicine.

Look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Offering this week, Peri&Menopause Workshop tomorrow Saturday 25 June 1.30-4.30 pm (use bewell at checkout for £5 discount), Sunday morning 9.45-11am Mindful Hatha Flow at Urban Gym.

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