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New Moon, solar eclipse and Divali in one week!

Greetings Yogi's and I hope you are doing well.

On Sunday we had another precious, (and this week), gentle session at Urban Gym. I often have a whole class planned and and change everything around to deliver what you need.

This week everyone was low energy, and tired, so I adapted to a very gentle lulling motion practice. As we are often working with the nervous system and the fascial body, it's great to explore asana's in new ways. My aim was to freely flow energy around the body and into to parts that needed healing.

Let me know how it went for you?

Being Divali - the festival of light we used the metaphor of a candle flame to illuminate the dark days. Using visualisation and colour is a powerful tool.

The Yoga Nidra section was longer to create space for rest and renewal.

The recording invites you to return to it again and again. Looking forward to a few days off, have been colour and nature bathing, go outdoors it really is a festival of colour. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

I will be starting a new in person class on Friday afternoon.

Keep well and keep on moving and breathing life.

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