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What is Yin & Nidra

I am not assuming you know what Yin Yoga is, nor Yoga Nidra.

Being in the beginner's mind is always important so we don't forget what is new to others. I see a lot of this on social media where it seems yoga teachers are addressing those who already know. Yin Yoga is a slow deep way of practising yoga postures there is much less variation, it's the opposite of flow yoga.

Each pose is held for several minutes at a time in stillness and with the breath and paying attention to sensation in the body and observing activity of the mind. Often yoga props are used to give support and bring the sense of touching the ground up to the body. It reaches into the Yin tissues, bone, joints, ligaments and fascia and it has given me a great deal of additional flexibility and considerable peace.

Yoga Nidra is a spoken word guided form of meditation that is received, in a very gentle way. Nidra has different sections that guide us through breath, imagery and a tour of the body drawing our attention to be present in the body, visit with opposites and holding more than one thing in mind at once before returning to your day or night, feeling very reset and rejuvenated. It might feel like a deep quick sleep, but we are generally very close to consciousness and moving through different brain waves. I call it active rest and it has transformed my life much for the better. In midlife, these two forms of yoga made their way into my regular practice providing nourishment and a way to reset.

Ok now you know what these two things are, I invite you join us tonight or one Wednesday night for Yin and Yoga Nidra.

Bedminster Quaker Hall, nr Windmill Hill BS3 online and recorded. Peace be wth you and spring excitement too.

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