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About Nicola

Welcome, let's practice yoga together soon.


Being well in body, mind and spirit allows us to enjoy life fully.  I have taught yoga for over 15 years and offer Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Peri & Menopause Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork classes and workshops. I have never doubted the far-reaching benefits of yoga and clinical research now confirms the physical, mental and emotional virtues of yoga. In sharing my deep passion for yoga, I hope to inspire you to find strength, vitality and peace.

With a fluid style that integrates classical, modern and functional yoga I encourage people to work in harmony with their own bodies, from the inside out.  I teach mindful, breath-based yoga that keeps the body strong, aligned and flexible, whilst improving mental clarity and emotional balance.  Meditation and breath practices offer a quiet space to meet, know and evolve yourself.  The whole person is lovingly held in the best healing medicine I have found.

I began learning yoga in my early twenties and fell in love with the peace and stability yoga gave me. I studied Iyengar Yoga first with its focus on correct and safe alignment, this gave a solid foundation of the physical postures. In my thirties, I learnt the fluid sequences of T’ai Chi, Qigong and Buddhist meditation.  This evolved my yoga practice into a fluid style where one asana seamlessly connects with the next.   In my forties, I focused on Vinyasa and 8-limbed Hatha Yoga whilst living in Yoga Community in California, USA. 

Now I am based in Bristol, UK and continue to develop my love and understanding of yoga with training in Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Peri&Menopause Yoga; these practices add deeper, restorative layers that complement more active elements.   

I am deeply thankful to the many teachers and students who have shaped me.

Training & More 

2004 Yoga Teacher Training Mount Madonna Centre, California, USA.  Yoga Alliance.  

Classical Astanga (8-Limb Yoga) with Asana, Pranayama (breathwork), Meditation, Yama's (non-violence, Niyama – (spiritual progress), Shat Karma (cleansing practices), Pratyahara (stillness in the senses), Samadhi (divine union).  

2008 Pregnancy Yoga Training, British Wheel of Yoga, London.  

2009-2017 Lived at Mount Madonna Yoga Centre, California, teaching and learning more about yoga. 

2018 Anatomy and Physiology, Dr Yogi, Bath

2019 Anatomy and Hands-on Training with Yogasara, Bristol, Independent Yoga Network 

2020 Diastus Recti Wellwoman Training, Birthlight, London

2021 Yoga for All Stages of Menopause, Yinstinct Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals

2021 Yoga Nidra, Melanie Cooper Yoga, Yoga Alliance

2021 Yin Yoga, Melanie Cooper Yoga at Bristol School of Yoga, Yoga Alliance

2022/23 The Way of Council Certificate - Level 2 Circle Facilitator & Healing Power of Conflict

2023 Yoga for Bone Health, Yinstinct Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals

2023 Pelvic Floor. Hypermobility. CPD The Physio Yogi Bristol.

2023 Counselling Skills Cert 2 City of Bristol College

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