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Winter Solstice Yoga tomorrow 6.30-8pm

Hello dear ones

I hope that you are finding some peace in the hectic time that this can be.

Try to keep on top of rising levels of stress and remember what it is that this time of year is really about... Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, longest night and shortest day. From Saturday the balance of light to dark starts to sway back with more light.

For those of you who have practiced with me this year you will know we have followed the Celtic Calendar and its honouring of seasonality. With every moon, equinox, solstice and more we have connected to the wider world around and within us. We have begun to explore how nature effects us and tuned into our own seasons of activity, rest and creativity.

I am hosting a Winter Solstice Yoga Celebration tomorrow from 6.30-8pm Friday 22 December, online and in person. I will also record the session and send it afterwards.

Create a little ceremony, place a seasonal flower or piece of foliage, a small personal item and anything else that calls to you alongside a candle, for your own vigil. Roll out your mat, bring a blanket and any props (bolster or rolled blanket, a yoga strap and blocks or books if you have them) for an hour of breath, reflection, movement and rest. 

Thankyou for practising with me this year and for the community you have created and been part of. So precious. Be well, and may kindness abound.

Book here or via Move GB

ps Sun Down, Moon Up yoga on Sunday 31 December 2023. 3.30-5pm

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