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About Nicola

Welcome, let's practice yoga together soon.


Being well in body, mind and spirit allows us to enjoy life fully.  I have taught yoga for over 15 years and offer Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Peri & Menopause Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork classes and workshops. I have never doubted the far-reaching benefits of yoga and clinical research now confirms the physical, mental and emotional virtues of yoga. In sharing my deep passion for yoga, I hope to inspire you to find strength, vitality and peace.


"I was never a fan of Yoga and then by chance I met with Nicola !  We have weekly 1:1 Zoom sessions now for over 9 months, which have focussed me on getting the best from my ageing body and mind, I really feel the benefits of our sessions together and am fully committed to long term sessions ….money well spent for me.  Strangely,  I have never met Nicola due to COVID but I do recommend her style, she knows her stuff and has encouraged me to improve over time !  Nicola is passionate about Yoga and is encouraging, reliable, understanding and good fun to work with. I suggest you arrange a Zoom session, and if you really do not enjoy it, I will give you your money back."

- John Hirst


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