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3 adventures in Yoga

Having a great time teaching three quite different classes per week at the moment.

Some new monthly sessions are on the way... From classes like Sunday's, where we wondered what happens to make us become elastic in the way certain kinds of yoga do. Whilst it feels magical and mysterious the myofascial releases, and a combination of breath, mind and body together, makes this happen and what a fantastic feeling it is.

I am running a new daytime class for beginners or for those wanting to learn the foundations of yoga. And our midweek yin is such a precious experience with the low lights and deep holds, again magic happens that melts away tension in the body, and the Nidra resets the mind and nervous system. People feel they have had a massage or acupuncture treatment.

This week's tip was to eat warm and nourishing foods, oil your body after bathing with coconut or sesame oil for healthy skin. Look forward to seeing you again soon x

Wednesdays 8-9pm Yin and Nidra

Bedminster Quaker Hall, Wedmore Vale is a deep, candlelit class with poses held for several minutes at a time, with a spoken word yoga Nidra to reset mind and nervous system. Really promotes deep release and calm.

Fridays 2-3pm Foundations of Yoga

Bedminster Quaker Hall, Wedmore Vale

A gentle class for those wanting to learn, revisit develop a practice of Yoga - the how-to class - with asana, breathwork and relaxation.

Sundays 9.45-11 am Urban Gym,

St Johns Lane Mindful Hatha Flow with Yoga Nidra - explore creativity with asana sequencing, meditation and breathwork. Ends with a 15 min Yoga Nidra to completely restore you for the rest of your day. or Move GB

Let me know how you are doing

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