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Ahimsa is Kindness, the first guide in yoga

I hope that you are enjoying the summery weather and accompanying flowers and green foliage full of life, hope and vibrancy.  This week we will explore the very first limb of yoga (there are 8) the Yamas #1 is Ahimsa, this is inviting kindness and to do no harm neither to ourselves nor others, nor the earth... 

Often easier to bestow on others than offer to ourselves, but possibly the most transformative quality. Do you find giving or recieving easier? How does kindness show up in the practice of Asana? tonight we will explore kindness on the mat.

There are also few spaces left for the Flower Full Moon Women's Yoga Circle this Sunday 19 May,  exploring abundance and kindness with lots of flowers for inspiration.  3-6pm

Classes this week, please come and join us:

Going Deeper Hatha Yoga Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm

Yin and Nidra Restorative Yoga Wednesday 8-9pm

Beginners and Stress Release yoga Thursday 2-3pm

All classes this week at Bedminster Quaker Hall.

Sending kindness your way


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