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All of you

Sunday morning 9.45-11 am in person and online will see you at Urban Gym for a soothing, energising class with a nourishing Yoga Nidra to end.

For those new to my classes, I send a recording so you can revisit the class during the week.

This week we have explored flowing sequences, like water they seem so soft and gentle until suddenly the strength within becomes clear. We have visited our favourite landscapes and night skies full of stars in a constellation of you in our Nidra's and it has been wonderful to have you in class.

Gentle classes have been a way to support everybody's flagging energy. Every one of my students has been tired this week. Is it the new moon? the slump in summer weather...

I will be in the USA from 19 July to 10 August. So I won't be teaching during that period. If you have passes worry not, as I always extend them for when I am back.

We will be doing a full moon either on 13 or 14 July, let me know if you can come and celebrate with us.

Hope you are all well. My best to you Nicola

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