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Burst into Spring with 3 Full Moon sessions

Hello all, I hope you are well and thriving in spring as it unfolds around us.

It's been a bit hard to pull myself out of the easter break and back to work so apologies for the radio silence, I went to the sun, have been deepening my own practice to share with you and then just enjoying downtime and the spring that is abounding around us.

I have over-achieved here to make up for the quiet and can tell you about the next three full moon sessions so please save the dates or jump in and book here.

I am looking for a helper for a 50% off ticket if you would like please get in touch.

Join me for the Pink Full Moon session is on Saturday 20 April from 11-2pm, based at the Roundhouse, Springfield Allotment. 

This one will have a shared lunch from 1.30-2  and there is potential for an afternoon of hanging out for creativity, journaling or relaxing after the session if people are interested.

We will explore the abundance we already have and ways to look at situations from different angles as we continue to nurture intentions towards fruition.  Dive into yogic practices with mindful movement, breath work, meditation and Yoga Nidra and of course bathe in the nurturing space of our women's circle to share what is alive for you right now.

Sunday 19 May 3-6pm Flower Full Moon at Bedminster Quaker Hall

A powerful time to gather for the blossoming of ideas, energy and rest. Celebrate & Renew in a circle layout with Mindful Yoga, from Flow to Yin with a revitalising Yoga Nidra. This session is particularly beautiful as flowers are the theme, we will create a healing central Mandala and make malas.

Saturday 22 June at Roundhouse, Springfield Allotment.

Our final Full Moon session before summer break and just a day after the Summer Solstice so expect a powerful Moon Circle with yoga outside if the weather allows.  More info to follow but please save the date.

Termly classes at Bedminster Quaker Hall restart next week

Can't wait to welcome you back this term as we dive deeply into our yoga practice.

Sending love Nicola

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