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Celebrate and renew in a circle

Sunday 3 September 3-6 pm Mark this precious time of year and the rare Blue Full Moon, this means 2 full moons in a month. A powerful time to gather at this pivotal time of year as summer moves into late summer teetering into Autumn. Feast on the harvest of summer with words, movement and rest to take us into Autumn.

Celebrate and renew in a circle layout with Mindful Yoga, from Flow to Yin with a revitalising Yoga Nidra. Yoga, words, breathing and resting together. We use seasonal elements from nature to create a shared central healing Mandala. Put something into the middle to honour where you are. With tea and snacks and a mindful walk around the wild space in the middle. Yoga Nidra is inspired by the abundance of the full moon. Bathe in symbolism and nature inside and out for our deep self-care.

Next Full Moon Circle is the Harvest Full Moon on Sunday 1 October.

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