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Celebrate you & dates for classes & workshops June

Do you stop to celebrate your achievements be they big or small? Can you expand what you perceive as an achievement?

Sometimes we rush to reach the next goal or task on the to-do list and just keep going. I invite you to stop, pause and marvel at what you do, what is around you and see what you are able to receive and appreciate. Let me know....

Summer is upon us (hooray!), and I'll be your conduit weaving celebratory moments into this month's classes.

Join us at Quaker Hall tomorrow evening, Wednesday 15 June 8-9 for a Yin and Nidra inspired by today's full moon - the strawberry moon, if there are clouds in the sky you can look at this amazing moon here. We will celebrate you and the month you have lived.

Did you know each class is choreographed to flow smoothly and inspired by themes or to focus on a specific body part? This week its been about making space in life. I loved watching you all perform the 'ice skater' move Garudasana to Trikonasana and back x2. It's good that we explore the psychological blocks also in order to dissolve them, this is held so well in yoga community.

Sunday 19 June 9.45-11 am Mindful Hatha Flow with Yoga Nidra.

Next week's Wednesday Yin and Nidra class on 22 June will be our Summer Solstice class. Can't wait to celebrate mid-summer with you all at Quaker Hall.

Special monthly class of Well Woman Peri&Menopause Thursday 23 June 7.15-8.45 @ Centre for Whole Health

The crescendo Peri&Menopause afternoon workshop/retreat at Now Yoga Studio, a beautiful Eco studio by the cricket ground at Ashton Park, BS3.

See if you can spot something unusual in my photo, which I hope infuses you with summer freedom and joy x Nicola

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