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Celebration of Light

Light in the darkness is the theme of this week's classes. I sit here gazing at the bright lights giving celebration in the darkening autumn days.

What keeps you bright and hopeful in the winter?

This week has held the day of the dead celebration, a time to remember friends and relatives that have passed and invite them to share a meal or time in reflection.

In class, we extended this to cherish past parts of ourselves, an important act for liberation and living in the present moment. Do you get surprised by how a passing name, colour, food or smell brings a memory long forgotten back with

crystal clarity?

May you find the things that make you feel bright and alive and get you through the winter. For me, yoga has been a beloved friend all these years, a place to turn in any mood. I know a lot of you feel similarly.

Yoga classes are a mini-retreat, a pause from every day rolled into 75

minutes with a community of lovely people. We will start our Sunday sessions again tomorrow 9.45 -11 am at Urban Gym, BS3 in person, online or


Hope to see you there.

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