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Circles or spirals?

The school year ends in the next week. Summer holidays are calling and apparently it's the end of lockdown. That's 16 months of a very different world; months of isolation, many Zoom classes and continuing to practice yoga together through thick and thin. Its been amazing to experience your dedication to yoga.

We go through many phases and cycles in life, some noticeable, some invisible until later; from full to almost empty and back again. The moon cycle's, the hour's pass, night comes and a new day begins. Winter, summer, autumn, spring: metaphors and actual. This week's classes Wed 14, Thursday 15, Friday 16 and Sunday 18th will celebrate these spirals and circles. Next week I am having a break and I will list the holiday schedule shortly.

I hope to see you in class-

Wednesday 14 July 7-8.30pm In person at Bedminster Quaker Hall, will see the last session of our first term of Peri&Menopause Yoga gatherings. Come along for a circular themed session with time to reflect and mark an intention from what we have explored. We will practice yoga and breath with an evolving spiral theme.

Thursday 15 July 12-1pm in-person and online at Yogasara.

Friday 16 July 6-7 online, Wellbeing Yoga, restorative, with flowing yin and deep yoga Nidra

Sunday 18 July 9.45-11am In Person and online for Mindful Hatha flow at Urban Gym, BS3.

With gratitude Nicola

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