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Clocks change and self love

Please put your clock forward 1 hour before you go to bed, then we will be synced for tomorrow's class.

We will run the class from the studio as normal 9.45-11 am or a recording.

Join us if you can for a celebration of the mother in all of us, whether we have kids or not, there is still a lot of nurturing and self-love to develop. I have a beautiful yoga Nidra for you, that will explore the body as its own landscape with the breath represented as a rising and setting sun, cant wait.

This is a beautiful piece of feedback, "I still find your Sunday classes so healing and essential for my well-being- for me they are the perfect blend of mindfulness, yoga and relaxation." Thank you, your words and feedback are so encouraging and affirming, I am always happy to receive all kinds of feedback they all help to shape the classes and my offerings.

See you there

my best to you Nicola x

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