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Bloom with the Flower Full Moon

Good morning

I hope you are letting the sunshine in and bathing in early summer.

If you are free on Sunday 19 May 3-9pm I will be hosting the 5th full moon circle of the year.  These are rich holistic circles that reach you on all levels : retreat from the world and claim some time and space for yourself.

We live in a time where we are pulled in many directions, as women we have additional pulls that draw us away from our centres and our best place.  These circles are a pause to explore the time of year, and to revive with those who make up the circle.  With flowing somatic movement, yoga yang and yin, yoga nidra, tea & snacks and a place to be welcomed however you feel.  Let's celebrate May with the flower full Moon - there will be flowers!

Here are a few reviews from previous circles

"you create such a safe and nourishing place. I felt like I had emerged from the womb when I left. Possibly the most relaxed I have ever been"

"powerful and gentle, a growing space and place to unfold"

"I arrived feeling overwhelmed, the theme of letting go was perfect, I left feeling lighter, happier and with an understanding of how to let go.  Such a great experience"

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