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Connect with mother nature through movement, breath, rest and imagination

Greetings All

Thank to those who joined me this week, either from home or in the studio where we drew inspiration from the full moon. We had a most precious time in each all of the sessions. Feedback was that what is on offer is much more than just yoga and in a way a bit indefinable. There is space for you to unfold in a safe, held space and let your tides out, supported by the practices of yoga, play and imagination.

As we approach the summer holidays I am planning what to offer.

I have added an extra Wednesday Yin and Nidra on 19 July 8-9 pm, we will hold a special to mark the end of our term that evening.

I will have a 2-week break, and then be back with summer offerings. I was going to put classes in the middle of the week as I imagined folks are more likely to be away at the weekends. Do feed back to me though re.... morning, noon or nighttime classes are best for you?

This week I shared with you a new Yoga Nidra inspired by the full moon (the moon being one of my favourite muses). In this one, a deeper connection with the round shape and luminescence of the moon.

It is important for me personally and in my teaching to connect with mother nature in all her forms, to draw us closer to the perpetual unfolding, growth, blossoming, rising and resting and a call to that deep soul nature in ourselves.

I hope to see you soon, may you be happy, and may you be well.

Next up, our Saturday morning Going Deeper class

Be well Nicola

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