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Different Qualities of Yoga

I never tire of yoga. When things feel a bit stale I know I am not exploring my own practice enough. As a teacher, it's important to have a personal practice. This self-care renews resources for me so I have more to offer you.

The Ha and Tha sides of yoga have been speaking strongly to me this week. Activating both the Sun and Moon sides of ourselves brings peace and greater depths of wellbeing. If we are too quiet and still, no good, if we are too active and overdoing it, no good. This week I have been playing with the space between postures and the side body. I'll be sharing two classes with you today first class from Bristol Yoga Centre on Park Row, 6-7 pm: embodied movement class (book via Move GB or using their website ) and later from 7.45-8.45 in a more quiet Yin and Nidra online class (I have moved this to make room for the bank holiday weekend). Sunday will go ahead from Urban Gym 9.45-11 as usual.

Hope to see you there . Here I am connecting with the source up near Snowdonia last week. Enjoy the spring energy, it feels so good.

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