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Flowing movement

We have been exploring the fluid movement flowing through our yoga practice these past few weeks. I love that classical yoga gives a firm foundation from which to journey from and return to. There is a need to adapt yoga to fit our changing self, as is the way with life, yoga is no different. In order to have a sustaining practice there has to be room for different expressions of yoga. And variety is such a spice in life.

I will be offering class the next 2 Sunday, please book in so I know you will be coming. I want to offer a mid week class next week and propose combining the Yin and Nidra (Wednesday) and Well Woman class (thursday) into one session. Please let me know if you prefer 8pm on Wednesday or 7.15 on Thursday, or if there are enough numbers happy to offer both. Can do online and in person for both. We will be celebrating!

I will be in California at Mount Madonna Yoga Center from 18 July till 9 August. Follow the link to see the place I will be. I will be collecting inspiration for you and posting here and on my social media pages.

I will be making some changes in the way I offer sessions in the Autumn, any feedback or wishes you have, let me know - what worked well, what did not? Hoping to offer sessions in person, online and in the park when I return. I hope you can join us for some celebration of this years yoga as there has been so much good. Thank you from the depths of my heart for practising with me

May you all be well.

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