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Free Perimenopause Summit

Dear All copied from the author Kate Codrington whose book I have been studying over the summer. We will be using some of this book in our sessions starting next week, sign up options to follow, be well.

"A quickie to remind you that the Empowered Perimenopause Summit is starting tomorrow. I know with these summit thingies it can be a bit overwhelming, but there are some gems in this one so it's worth subscribing to. Have a look through the list of speakers and topics and see what would be really useful for you, suck that up and let the rest go! Topics include:

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Vaginal microbiome

Gut health

Sex and orgasm

Nervous system regulation


2 x Sleep


Personal peri power with my teachers at Red School

Yoga and pleasure

Quite a few mentions of pleasure actually!

Kate Codrington'

s contribution is about being with not knowing, that profoundly uncomfortable peri-super-power. There's also a yoga nidra to help navigate the unknown, which could come in very handy when you don't know what to do!

x Nicola

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