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Frost Full Moon and you

Tonight is the Frost or Beaver Moon, the 11th full moon of the year and signals the completion of another cycle and a time to celebrate and let go.

We are bathed in autumnal colours as the trees make a final fanfare before hibernating for the winter. Animals are tuned in, as the beavers build their dams and hunker down, but are we? Have you noticed the desire to draw inwards? and yet struggle to make time to do so. I have put aside time this week, to be quiet and do less and it feels exactly what is right. You might like to join us today from 6-7 pm (or a recording) for an hour of online Yin and Yoga Nidra in honour of the moon and to invite in the deepest self-care. Squirrel away some reserves and invite your best self to be present.

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