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Full Moon Yoga Circle & Befriend Nervous System

Full moon yoga circle this Sunday 2 July from 3-6 pm.

The Buck or Herb Full Moon at Bedminster Quaker Hall.

We will begin with the creation of a mandala or centrepiece made from the petals, leaves and bounty of this season (it is going to be beautiful). Working from a seed centre out in concentric circles we will see what unfolds. This is our first meditation and the start of something beautiful and powerful.

From the parquet floor and the floor-to-ceiling windows at Quaker Hall that gaze out over the garden we flow through our afternoon together. Held in this safe space I invite you to let our tides out and practice yoga together in its many forms. We will take a break in the wild space out beyond the garden with Linden Blossom tea.

During this full moon session, we also dive deeper into understanding and befriending our nervous system.

By demystifying the fight, flight, freeze or fawn responses that happen independent of thought, and by building a tool kit of exercises to balance our nervous system we start to unleash a mighty superpower of self-care. There will be a talking circle and time to share. After our break, we will do some yin yoga and a yoga nidra before you leave refreshed into the moonlight.

I do hope you can join us this weekend.

If you have any questions please let me know.

If you would like to join us please book here. I extend the discount code Summer till Thursday evening at Midnight.

Hoping you are well and enjoying high summer, since the solstice a week ago.

Other weekly classes are Tuesdays 6-7 pm Hatha Flow Workout Harbourside Wednesday eves 8-9 pm Yin & Nidra Bedminster Quaker Hall Thursday 1.10-1.50 Hatha Flow Workout Harbourside Friday 2-3 pm Wellbeing & Stress Reduction Beginners Class. Saturdays 9.45-11 am Going Deeper Yoga develop Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

1:1, corporate and small group sessions please email

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