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Havening & Self Care

This weekend I attended a yoga and wellbeing retreat with Olivia Seck and it was totally blissful and full of rest and growth and delicious food made by Florence Seck. I was there to receive and you know as always to learn.

Throughout the year I gather and collect to enrich classes and offerings. I am looking forward to sharing Havening with you over these coming weeks, a gentle yet powerful ally to soothe the nervous system and give gentle encouragement. As spring starts to step onto our doorstep, our practice will begin to change too. With no expections, lets just notice the spring unfolding, and the timely invitation to clear out what no longer serves you and take a bold step forward.

Looking forward to welcoming you with lots of special events over the next few weeks including our Wednesday evening and a Full Moon Circle on Sunday 24 March. Roll out your mat and lets see what appears.

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