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Introversion and running a business

Great to see you back in class this week

I have been working on this aspect of me and I admit that as more of an introvert, advertising is the least favourite part of my job. You help me a lot by sharing with your community and giving feedback helping me hone and refine what I do.  Working with you and seeing you bloom and feel better, now that is my favourite bit.

This month's Full Moon session tomorrow 11-2pm at the allotmnet will focus on removing the obstacles and tapping into our bountiful abundance, in fact we have all that we need, in the light and the dark. Even though next month is the flower full moon, tomorrow will be the Pink blossom full moon.

In January I committed to 'Moon & Me' 6 sessions for growth and refuge for women once a month, there are 3 sessions left. If you seek time out, time to grow, join us.  For community, movement, time in nature, time with other women and a break from normality to refill you're well come.

If finances are stopping you from attending please get in touch, I still have one place for a helper tomorrow, and I offer concessions.

Take good care 


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