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Last week of term & summer...

This week will be our last week of term so I look forward to celebrating with each class. On Wednesday there will be some tea and snacks in between classes so feel free to stay on after the first or arrive early for the second, or stay for both!

It's been a beautiful year of practice and community with so much growth and supporting each other.

We have followed the Celtic wheel punctuating the year with a deep connection and reverence to each season outside and within. We have moved, breathed and rested in nature in all her glory.

I will offer classes over the summer if you would like to keep going with yoga, these likely will be on Wednesdays for classes and some Saturdays for workshops.

Summer specials start with an empowering workshop that explores the pelvic floor Saturday 13 July 3.30-5.30. This foundation of our body is a sacred and functional part of us and yet we know so little about it and can have complex relationships with it. If you have problems, or just want to find out more please join our women's circle at Trika Yoga on North St on Saturday 3.30-5.30pm we will gently explore with anatomy, connections to yoga, exercises and yoga Nidra.

Otherwise, thank you so much for practising yoga with me this year and see you again soon.

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