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Lime Blossom Time

Last night we went to the local park, Victoria Park, South Bristol where we collected our first batch of Linden or lime Blossoms. This plant is one of the many allies to good sleep and general well-being. I am drying the blossoms today ready to make tea for our next full moon retreat session on Sunday 2 July from 3-6 pm.

We will make a mandala reflecting the season and time to collect herbs ready to get us through the autumn and winter. This retreat is held at Bedminster Quaker Hall, Wedmore Vale, BS3.

As July is the Buck or Herb Full Moon we will connect with the season. We will also go deeper with ways to understand and befriend our nervous system. It is this understanding that helped to bring back my sleep after long term insomnia. It was one of the essential missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

We will of course be doing all the other fabulous things we do in our yoga circles. Talking, moving and breathing with a mindful flow, with yin yoga and a seasonal Yoga Nidra. We will also venture out to the garden and wild space beyond to celebrate the July summer. I am offering a £5 coupon off if you book before Sunday. The code is Summer

Mats, blocks and straps are ready for you, please bring a blanket All levels are welcome. Book via

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