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Making space for the heart & Golden Heart Nidra

Hey all that came along great to see you last night, hey all who couldn't make it the recording is available and goes with the theme of this term, letting go and creating inner sanctuary. 

We did explore the prelude to headstand partly as a new asana and to use yoga to safely explore our minds voice and resistance, willingness. In practising breaking things down into smaller steps we eased through and went on the journey forwards.

There is a lot of progress in you as the weeks fly by.

Next week is the last of this summer term 6 week block ooh and what joy and depth we have found this term in these two classes that embody mindful Yang & Yin. Look forward to seeing you next week, I will serve tea and light snacks after class to celebrate our summer term.

Want to practice Wednesday 17 July ? Let me know and it will be.

I am away 24 July till 4 August, but up for teaching over the summer if you would like classes during the school break. 

Limitless by Danna Faulds

Sun says, “Be your ownillumination.”

Wren says,“Sing your heart out,all day long.”

Stream says,“Do not stop for any obstacle,”

Oak says,“When the wind blows,

bend easily, and trust your roots to hold.”

Stars say, “What you see is one small slice of a single modest galaxy.

Remember that vastness cannot be grasped by mind.”

Ant says, “Small does not mean powerless.”

Silence says nothing.

In the quiet,everything comes clear.

I say, “Limitless.”

I say,“Yes.”

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