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Meeting you where you are

You might be feeling spring coursing through you, and if so do enjoy this shift and welcome it.

However you might be feeling reluctant, still wintering and not quite in the mood or ready. Thats ok too, as the practices this week and especially in our monthly women's yoga circle will hold you wherever you are.

When you practice with me, you are welcome and invited however you are and that is part of the appeal, this space and these practices are fluid and nourishing and will meet and hold you whatever.

This month I will teach a gentle yet powerful new practice to calm and reset the nervous system.

In my ongoing learning and practices around yoga and council circles what I love is that a shared space is created with group intelligence and heart. The energies mix and merge and words you need to hear might be spoken by another. An answer might arise from another's words or simply from the stillness or movement.

If you have been before to a women's circle you will know, if you haven't I hope I can pique your interest for this healing space. This is full moon 3 of the year come and join us to celebrate the sap rising.

Here is an idea of the shape of our day:

Creating the central space, welcoming and checking in, centring, introducing theme with poetry or words, warm up, energising flow yoga, calming Yin yoga, yoga Nidra. Tea break in there somewhere with options for journalling, chatting, resting, and then we check out to close the circle.

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