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Moon & Me Wolf Moon ripple after effects

We had such a powerful and restful first full Moon session on Saturday. Based at the Roundhouse in the Wilds of Springfield Allotment with the wood burner keeping us cosy (well after a while!)

A full house of beautiful souls came to share time, yoga, rest and inspiration.

As spring calls us from our winters hibernation we explored the hunger or yearning embodying the essence of the Wolf Moon. Wolves, hungry from wintering were drawn towards civilisation searching for food, humans also come to the end of last years stored resources, as we do now on some levels. We ate a very hearty lunch before the collage and creative session in the afternoon. I read from 'Women Who Run with the Wolves' a story stirring creativity, whilst we crafted our visions from magazines and words manifesting our hopes for the year ahead. In this rare and gentle space you are invited to unfold, to explore and to grow.

Join us for an event Snow or Storm Full Moon in February on the weekend of 23/24/25 Feb, there will be a bonus new moon Yoga Nidra session to inspire and hold.

Hope to see you in class soon, tonight we are celebrating Imbolc the half way mark between winter solstice and spring equinox.

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