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Dear All

I had some very profound feedback about some exercises to reset the Vegas Nerve, and how it really works. People are sleeping deeply again, feeling relaxed for the first time in a long time, general all-round health improvement.

You might have heard me speak about the Vegas Nerve before.

With constant stressors and modern life, the primal part of the sympathetic nervous system can get switched on permanently making us feel stressed and anxious even when there is no reason. Quieting and resetting the Vegas Nerve can help to change this. I will be putting new content into our classes and especially Friday nights Yin and Nidra classes which are online/recording of really nourishing and calming classes.

More tools, knowledge and power.

Hope to see you in class soon, this week:

Thursday Well Woman Peri&Menopause Yoga @ Centre for Whole Health

Friday 6-7 Yin & Nidra, Online/Recording stress-reducing, relax and restore.

Sunday 9.45-11 am Mindful Hatha Flow at Urban Gym and Online/Recording

Come and join us, spring energy is here.

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