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Reset today and rise tomorrow with Yin & Yoga Nidra

The end of winter has been taking us by surprise. We are nearly there into spring, but not quite.. and not quite... it is tiring. For many, there is a feeling of being drained, weary and longing for new energy, light and warmth.

Hold on as we are nearly there with the Spring Equinox which is less than a week away. With this in mind, this evening's class will be themed about the seeds of new life, dreams and adventures to come. I was inspired by the dreamy 'planting big ideas' yoga nidra by Mel Skinner. I love having my own teachers to fill my spring. I will offer a beautiful spring-inspired session to hold and reset you, today Wednesday 8-9 pm

Bedminster Quaker Meeting House, bring your blanket and see you there or online. Keep taking care, this to shall pass.

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