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Rest at ease, in the present

Its a new moon tonight and this always brings me cheer, the turning over of a new cycle, a fresh chance and a space to wish and work towards an intention.

The last full moon this year is on Thursday 27 December I will likely run a session in some way.

After a whole year of celebrating each new and full moon, the solstice and the Celtic/nature calendar I feel much more connected to the cycles and rythmns of nature. I have enjoyed the company of you wonderful people, in classes and in events, each one of you has added so much in your presence, your words and your practice. Thankyou

This term I have also been deep in learning mode working towards a Counselling Skills Certificate, and taking on CPD's in Bone Health and Hypermobility. I love to learn and grow and feed this back to you in some way or another.

I have loved holding circles that combine words and yoga.

There have been challenges - many and I know that is true for many of you too.

The teaching and practice of yoga have been my allies all along. I look forward to this evenings Yin and Nidra class with a hope that woven into the class are ways for your self care towards, through and beyond the festive season.

Come and join me online or in person if you are free.

My best to you Nicola

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