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Seasons change, breath comes and goes...presence

Enjoying the beginning of autumn, apples and leaves falling. Drawing inwards, warmer clothes, different foods. Do you feel the draw inwards to quieter times?

Embracing what is, keeps us in tune with ourselves. Observing, enjoying or not and letting things come and go.

Our yoga practice also moves with the seasons, last week we explored the space between trying our hardest and pulling back a fraction to be in a place of greater stability and calm.

We will continue that theme invite both outward and inward energy, the flow between these two energies brings nourishment.

Classes this week:

Sunday 9.45-11 Mindful Hatha Flow Urban Gym or online/recording

Wednesday 7-8.30pm Peri&Menopause Yoga @ Quaker Centre Bedminster

Thursday 6.15-7.15 Release and Restore, online or recording.

I will be back at Workout Harbourside 1.10-1.50 Thursday lunchtimes.

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