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Spring energy, abhyanga and the snow full moon

Hello all.

What makes spring arrive? What draws the shoots and roots out?

What wakes the sleeping animals? What tells us that its spring rather than autumn? What does spring energy feel like?

We will be exploring this energy and practising yoga and self care rituals to bring good energy and balance as we flow with the seasons. This week somatic movement has led the way of slow awakening, maintaining energy.

Here is a link describing the ayurvedic practice of Abhyanga a nourishing self massage that soothes and strengthens the nervous system.

At this time of year I can find my digestion becoming weakened and variable and my sleep also following suit. The Abhyanga along with mediation yoga and rest and a little bit of minimal fasting plus ginger tea usually sort things right out.

I hope you can join us, and here is to your very good health.

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