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Spring Equinox Class Sunday

I hope you can join us tomorrow at Urban Gym 9.45-11 am to celebrate the Spring Equinox, this day is very special to me as it's my son's birthday. This is the day when spring really begins. Can you feel the energy bubbling up? Our practice will be a celebration of this new phase. Set up your space with some blossom or an emblem of spring and consider a seed Sankalpa that will guide you through the season. Fresh beginnings, new growth, time to wake up.

We will be in person, online and recorded. See you there.

Move with the seasons.

What Is the Spring Equinox? In the Northern Hemisphere, the March equinox ( spring or vernal equinox) occurs when the Sun crosses the equator line, heading north. This event marks the start of the spring season in the northern half of the globe. After this date, the Northern Hemisphere begins to be tilted more toward the Sun, resulting in increasing daylight hours and warming temperatures. (In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the opposite: the March equinox marks the start of autumn, as the Southern Hemisphere begins to be tilted away from the Sun.)

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