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Summer Solstice Salute ! Tomorrow

Last Saturday, I laid a small linseed in the middle of every student's mat. I love to create more meaning and explore symbols in class. So the seed was a centre, a beginning, like the seed at the centre of the universe as seen in Mandala's.

It was a place to begin our circular or mandala-themed class. Moving around from North to West, South and East and around in circles of asana, gently crafted. In the Yoga Nidra, there was a focus on the creativity available in our heart so we journeyed with creativity to a deeply peaceful place.

Tomorrow our Saturday 9.45-11 am Going Deeper class will be themed around the Summer Solstice in all its brightness, come and join us for a morning of movement, breath and celebration.

I am excited to see you tomorrow.

I have just launched the next full moon offering. The Buck or Herb Full Moon Yoga Circle, Sunday 2 July 3-6 pm

Celebrate the season, and explore yoga, breath and exercises to explore and regulate the nervous system. With time in the beautiful garden.

Be well

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