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Summer yoga for the wise and the weary

Breaking the spell from 2 weeks away I returned to teaching today, hello you all.

It has been great and very necessary to unplug, no to social media, yes to reading books, doing quiet self-practice yoga. Swimming in the sea, listening to the howling gales and pouring rain on my tent. Seeing friends, eating good food, making art, sleeping, dancing... Resting resets.

Join me this week and next with Yin and Nidra Wednesday 8-9 pm for the weary and the wise who know that this deep practice unplugs us from everyday life. Come and join us at Bedminster Quaker Hall overlooking the green space.

Connect with nature inside and out.

Booking or via Move GB

See you there

How was your summer so far? Here is one of my photos of something beautiful to inspire

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