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Sunday Morning, Brightening our inner Skies

Darn that internet, the whole of this post is now being rewritten. Things don't always go right, and we continue, keeping the attitude as level as possible.

I hope you can join me this morning for Sunday's 9.45-11 am class, based at Urban Gym in person, online or recorded session. We will be moving, with sun, earth and moon salutations and exploring our balance. Yes to breath work and to a Yoga Nidra too.

There will be no session next Sunday, 24 October as I am doing a 4-day intensive training in Yin Yoga with esteemed Yogi, Melanie Cooper. Leading up to this I am diving into research and explorations of yoga, always updating.

Those of you who attend the Friday Release & Restore Yoga sessions will already know the benefits to mind and body in the long-held postures that open the body and create space in the mind and heart.

Ayurveda encourages us to move with the season and introduce more oils and nourishing foods, like roasted vegetables, broths and so on. You may already have responded to the nights drawing in, with quieter more nourishing activities.

Full moon yoga on Wednesday evening, at Bedminster Quaker Hall. Aimed at Peri&Menopausal women, but we get many a guest from the younger years for the nourishment of this class and knowledge.

May you be happy, may you be well, may you be free from suffering.


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