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The cooling nostril, the cooling breath

I asked my class today which side of the body is the feminine and cooling side?

It's so very hot today and there are many yogic tools to help keep the body, mind and spirit cool. The left side is Ida the feminine, the dark, the cooling, moon, restorative. The right side is Pingala the masculine, the light, warming, sun, active. So instead of alternate nostril breathing use only the left side for in and out this will keep you on the cool side.

Also, Sitcari and Shitali breaths bring cooler air into the body and act as a breaker for that hot-headed feeling. We kept the practice low to the ground to be in touch with the earth element for late summer and to stay rooted. Waterfall is also a fabulous posture to bring about a gentle but powerful yin flow throughout the body and move stagnancy out of the legs. Whichever way you turn yoga is there to greet you in its many shapes and forms. Keep cool and see you again soon.


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