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The return of light this week

Celebrate the return of light with Imbolc tomorrow.  In the Celtic Calendar or Wheel, Imbolc is the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and a time when we get a greater sense of the light, and spring returning.

I have been following the Celtic Wheel and its every 6 week celebrations and they break the year into segments and give you a focus of celebration as the seasons, light and energy shift.

Have a look around you in nature and see the buds beginning to pop and emerge, spend a moment to ask 'how am I', and notice if your energy is changing or beginning to feel different.

Keep well and if you feel called I am offering two yoga classes this eve and one tomorrow. Whether you would like to move and flow or rest and stretch in we will be celebrating the light.

Wishing you all well and just keep an eye on the Gifts page of my website as I will be placing a few presents there for you over the next few weeks.

Booking here or via Move GB.

My best to you Nicola x

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