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Time for you

Feeling grateful, sitting here with a cup of my favourite herbal tea, currently turmeric chai. Listening to a podcast by Maisie Hill about goal setting. Gazing out of the window at the chickens picking and pecking over the frozen ground. I have carved out a space to write and explore ideas for this year of 2022. This is a process of looking in and then making steps of realisation.

What this has to do with yoga is... in the practice, I offer lies the invitation for self-growth and evolution for you. The mind, body, breath are all intertwined, when we do yoga we integrate and evolve.

This year I am running classes as courses in my mind with weekly ongoing growth and cohesion from one session to the next. I invite you to be more committed to your practice, to join in every week, even if you can't make a class (have a recording).

I will be offering month-long booking options that help you to commit to turning up. If like me you waiver, I want to help you. If I book and pay upfront for a course, the likelihood of not turning up diminishes.

Think now about how you feel after a yoga practice? Would you like to feel like that more frequently and steadily?

If you book, for instance, a month of Sundays you will have a priority mat space with your name on it for that month. If you already have a plan please book your spot ahead of time to reserve your space.

For me, yoga makes life more beautiful, makes the body, mind and emotions far better places to be.

I look forward to joining you on the mat soon in one or many of the available offerings.

If you would like to goal set in a supported space listen to Maisie Hills podcast #56, How to set goals. Be well, Nicola x

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