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Tonight and Sunday Offerings

I was cycling up to the University to cover a class this week, this was the 5th time I have made this journey in the last three weeks. The first time I didn't know where I was going, got lost and was rushing. The second time I was early and knew the way, the third time was easier and I made some new decisions about my journey, the fourth time I drove so had to learn new things, the fifth time I refined little bits of my route to make it more pleasant and easy and even went on a new route to come home for fun and adventure. It struck me how similar this is to practising yoga: not knowing, learning the basics, getting lost, redo, refine, keep going and then going off on new parts of a journey.

I look forward to polishing what we know, learning new things and keeping going on the journey together.

Restore & Recharge online this eve - slow flow warm-up, some supportedyin postures and the deep relax of Yoga Nidra. 6-7pm

Sunday Mindful Hatha Flow 9.45-11am in person for 8 at Urban Gym, online too.

Last session of term for Second Spring, Peri&Menopause Yoga at the Quaker Centre 7-8.30 Wednesday 15 July, the positives of midlife, recap and intention setting. Hope to see you, sending love Nicola

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