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Twelfth and Last Full Moon of 2022, Celebrate tomorrow

It is time to celebrate the twelfth and last full moon of 2022 and this coincides with our Yin & Nidra class tomorrow Wednesday 7 December from 8-9 pm. At this time of year, it is so important to gather and celebrate, we owe it to ourselves.

As humans, we forget the significance of completing a cycle and remembering what we actually achieved, it can all dissolve into a mash of forgetting or being so modest that important things seem insignificant. Once we start to note things down or flick through our phone photos or diary things start to take shape and pride can grow. And it's also time to let things go, what we didn't do, and all the diversions that life offers instead of the plan.

We will do a moon-inspired class that draws on the quiet radiant side of ourselves: luminescence. Focussing on this can help balance out the very active aspects of life, and bring us back into the nourished middle.

I hope you can join us at Quaker Hall or at home for this special practice.

May you be happy, healthy and well.

Book here or via Move GB

With love Nicola

Fabulous print of the moon by Sarah Duncan

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