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Work, Rest, Move

I love the different ways yoga reaches us. The more active Flow shifts things and develops strength and ways to move through life with awareness and strength. The Yin & Nidra gives the calming haven and nourishing support for modern life, and the challenges and changes that go on. This form of yoga works on 3 levels: the quiet space like a cocoon for change, the deeper slower stretches that combat stiffness and then the deepest rest.

Termly classes begin today with Wednesday evenings a Mindful Hatha Flow from 6.30-7.35pm and Yin & Nidra from 8-9pm both in person and online/recorded at Bedminster Quaker Hall, Bristol BS3 which is also online and recorded.

Join us on Thursdays 2-3pm for the Beginners & Improver & Stress Release session. Come and join us. To your good health.

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