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Yin and Nidra grows to be In Person and Online

Dear Yogi's

I am really happy to share that from tomorrow our weekly Yin and Nidra class now has a physical home, as well as being available online. You can join us in person, at Bedminster Quaker Meeting Hall, a few minutes walk from Victoria Park School, BS3.

The session will remain a hybrid class so if you prefer to practice from home or choose a recording then you still can.

Join us on Wednesday evenings from 8-9 pm.

Release body and mind from stress to gently and deeply recharge your whole system. This class offers supported Yin Yoga poses that are held for several minutes at a time, inviting a deeper release of the body.

We end with a Yoga Nidra - a spoken word relaxation that travels through body scanning, breath work and visualisation to help reset the nervous system and mind. If you have trouble relaxing or sleeping this combination is really beneficial. We start with a simple fluid warm-up taking you from a busy day into the practice. This restorative session is an antithesis to the fast pace of modern life, in slowing down and moving through the layers of the body, there is an invitation for grounding and release.

Each week the practice is attuned to different body parts, different seasons and the fascial meridians. Come and join us. Please bring a blanket and your yoga props.

Also running this week Sunday's in Person and Online Mindful Hatha Flow.

No class on Sunday 22 as I will be wishing my Dad a happy 90th birthday.

Excited to see you

Best wishes Nicola

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