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Yin and Nidra is the balm

Yesterday I snuck off to a quiet space and did a long session of Yin Yoga, just me, a bolster, blanket and some space to move slowly. This quiet practice is a true balm for reaching parts that everyday life does not.

I love many kinds of yoga, there really is one for any mood or time in life for that matter. We return this week to Wednesday night Yin and Nidra tomorrow 8-9pm, come along after the day's work is done and you are ready for deep peace.

Join our lovely community at Bedminster Quaker Hall, 2 mins walk from Victoria Park School.

Can't wait to offer you peace in this session and this term leading up to Christmas..

Beautiful venue overlooking a verdant garden. Spoken word Yoga Nidra to end.

Look forward to seeing you.

Class on Sunday too and then new classes next week.

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