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Yin and Nidra Yoga Love

What an interesting week and one with a yoga first for me.

I have wanted to start an in-person Yin and Nidra class for months. But was struggling to find a venue, one with all the props, everything neatly lined up and yoga studio perfect. I became frustrated and observed that perfection stops things from happening. I bought 5 bolsters, and a lot of blocks and straps and have encouraged others to invest in props too.

4 doors from my house is a beautiful community hall, overlooking a verdant garden. So I jumped forward instead of holding back. Letting things be good enough, is a good life lesson for a recovering perfectionist.

So I taught my first in-person (and online) class of Yin Yoga on Wednesday evening 8-9 pm and it was profoundly beautiful. The Quaker Hall is a great venue for this quiet offering. The birds were singing, bodies arranged quietly on the parquet floor, moving from one still supported pose to another, community moving and breathing together in person towards good health.

My heart was so full, thank you for coming along.

The practice of Yin and Nidra has been transformative for me and I see the effect it has on you with clarity. Yin is a quiet and deep practice; within a class there may only be 6 or 7 postures which are held for many minutes at a time. What happens in this still time is the deeper yin structures of the body (fascia, ligaments, bone) plus mind and emotions get space to yield, recover and evolve. It is subtle and profound.

A few years ago I went through hormonal changes which led to less physical flexibility and a lot of anxiety and insomnia which was very challenging. Yin and Nidra practice have given the physical flexibility back, and more importantly given me the space I needed to calm down, rest and restore.

I hope you will come and join us sometime soon.

My best Nicola

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