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A teacher and always a student

One of my students is taking his first training to become a yoga teacher and it has been interesting to talk with him about the process. I love to watch students develop as they practice yoga and to offer guidance insight and space. It is the art of refining and discovering new things by returning time and time again.

I love being a teacher and I have taught both art, photography and yoga for several decades. I am always a yoga student as well as a teacher.

What yoga has to offer is broad and endless, in movement, breath, philosophy and for personal evolution. I could study for a whole lifetime and still be a beginner.

I am reading The Heart of Yoga by T. K. V. Desikachar and finding it so interesting and accessible. If you ever want to really explore yoga more this is a great book.

It has been a great term working with you all and I will be teaching this Sunday at Urban Gym, 2 St Johns Lane 9.45-11 am before the half-term break. Your feedback, is always a tonic and a guide; it helps me to know what I offer is right or guides me to be a better teacher - so always feel free to drop me an email

Can't wait to see you all on the mat next time.



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