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A time to re-new

Winter is still a time of rest, as it should be, those dark nights are for slowing down. Below the ground, we compost the last season to feed the next. Our shoots and roots are forming in our winter slumbers and the retreat of dark nights and cold wet days.

A few glimmers of classes are ongoing - come, move, stretch, breathe and restore with yoga with me.

I have a new course starting next week. It's a gentle beginners and improvers class with an emphasis on yoga as a tool to reduce and manage stress.

You will learn about yoga, about yourself and how to soothe your nervous system.

Come and join us at Bedminster Quaker Hall Fridays from 2-3 pm at Bedminster Quaker Hall, Wedmore Vale. I have placed it so parents can come before collecting kids and those who work from home can get some good vibes going before the weekend. Yoga is a recharge for the body mind and soul.

I have a few free places for new students to try before signing up.

Looking forward to seeing you there, I provide mats, blocks and straps so you just turn up.

Current weekly classes are

Tuesdays 6-7 pm Hatha Flow Workout Harbourside

Wednesday eves 8-9 pm Yin & Nidra Bedminster Quaker Hall

Thursday 1.10-1.50 Hatha Flow Workout Harbourside

Friday 2-3 pm Wellbeing & stress reduction beginners class.

Sunday 9.30-10.45 am online yoga with Nidra

Special events upcoming Snow Moon Yoga Circle 2-hour session 4-6 pm.

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